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You are Arthur, and the 400 years anniversary day of the Itarian Empire, the Empire is under a wave of revolts... You as the leader of the Guild 7 have the mission to calm these revolts down, and bring peace back.

But what does it hide ?

About the game

This game is a Shining Force like Tactical RPG currently in early alpha it lacks of many features. But I hope it's still enjoyable, I worked really hard on it. The game was done in 1 month and half. You will be able to explore towns, a large world map, some caves, fight dungeons, random encounters & big battles... In a nutshell, a tactical jrpg :) I do apologize for my terrible english skills tho ^^

The assets

While a large parts of the assets are made by us, some others are took from games like Shining Force, Final Fantasy and a bit  of Two Step from hell music.  These assets are the propriety of their respective owners, we don't own them.

Before you run the game

- If you want to use your controller, please plugit BEFORE starting the game
- Press Alt + Enter to put in fullscreen mode
- Press X on the keyboard, or A on the Xbox 360/One controller to validate stuff

- Press C on the keyboard, or B on the Xbox 360/One controller to cancel stuff

If there are any bugs, I apologize about it and feel free to tell me !

Thanks to Antton for the Mac OS X build !

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
TagsExploration, Fangame, Fantasy, JRPG, megadrive, Pixel Art, Tactical, Tactical RPG, trpg


Rising Flame - Alpha 1.01 - Release.zip 77 MB
Rising Flame - Alpha 1.01 - Mac OS X.zip 72 MB

Install instructions

- Extract the zip file

- Launch "Rising Flame.exe"

- Enjoy ?

Development log


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@D3nX seriously, i just loved your game, i really hope to see more progress soon !


Hey thank you very much !! This evening a new devlog should pop :D


Here it is : https://d3nx.itch.io/rising-flame/devlog/204470/rising-flame-devlog-2-december-1...