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What is it about ?

In the Wild West, the Meltons brothers have again rob a bank... Hopefully, Konnor McFlinn is here to stop them and kick their ass right to prison !

Play a JRPG in a wild west universe and try to re-establish justice over the desert by travelling through the far west.

It features :

- Fake 3D

- 5 Colors only

- (Baaddd) Pixel Art

- Megadrive musics

- Wild west in a RPG

- "Active time battle" like battle system

- Controller support with Xbox 360 / Xbox One and pretty much (almost) every PC controller (but D'ONT DISCONNECT THE CONTROLLER WHILE PLAYING !)

How it was made ?

As a submission for the Mini Jam #46, I should've got some more time to make the game, sadly due to a lot of personnal reason, I've had in total less than one day of coding in it. I made the game in about approx. 15 hours. But I hope it's still enjoyable and fun. Also thanks to HydroGene for the musics he made to the game. Don't hesitate to try his games : https://hydrogene.itch.io/

For the tools, I used Ruby, Gosu (+ my little custom library), and Paint. NET. For the musics, HydroGene used FL Studio.
Thank you very much for reading this, and I hope you'll get a great experience from my game !

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
Tags16-bit, 2D, genesis, JRPG, megadrive, minijam


Wild West Justice.zip 10 MB

Install instructions

- Extract

- Run main.exe

- Press Alt + Enter to put in fullscreen if needed

- Enjoy !


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Thank you for posting it !