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Hello! Here is the DreamVeloper entry for the Dungeon Crawler Jam 2021!

Shiro's Dungeon is a Dungeon Crawler JRPG inspired by Shining the Holy Ark.  It offers overs 3 floors with various mechanics to explore and fight against terrible monsters!

This game was made in 7 days using Ruby/Gosu, custom lib and OpenGL for 3D.

Everything in the game is made by us, we really enjoy making this game and we hope you like it too! :)


A demon known as Master Dhark has been resurrected and he is using a powerful magic to destroy the colors of the world. 

Shiro, a young warrior decided to enter into the tower of Master Dhark to defeat him for good using his legendary Celestian Sword and Shield.


  • D3nX: Programmer and Game Designer
  • HydroGene: Programmer and Sound Designer
  • Sunasan: Pixel Artist

Tools used

  • Programming: Visual Studio Code, Ruby/Gosu + Custom Lib and OpenGL
  • Arts: Paint.net
  • Musics & Sounds: FL Studio and Bfxr

How to play ?


  • Arrow keys: Moving in the dungeon or Navigate through the interfaces
  • X: Validate
  • C: Cancel
  • Left Shift: Sprint


  • Left Thumbstick: Moving in the dungeon or Navigate through the interfaces
  • A: Validate
  • B: Cancel / Sprint (exploration only)


Shiro's Dungeon RELEASE 1.1.zip 23 MB

Install instructions

  1. Extract the ZIP
  2. Launch "Shiro's Dungeon.exe"
  3. Have fun!


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What an amazing game ! Graphics are really cute (and funny !), gameplay is smooth. The battle encounter is not too much, just the right balance. And the music is dynamic and enjoyable. Keep up the great work !


D3nx, it's very nice ! just cleared the game and i had a lot of fun playing this, so thanks ! the battles are very addictive, and the golden pinguin was very helpfull :) 

Thank you very much, My team and I are glad you've enjoyed it! And sure those little Golden Penguin are incredibly useful when you actually beat'em :D


Good game!