A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

PenguinVania is a parody of classic Castlevania platformer made for the Gosu Game Jam #2.

-- Story --

You follow the story of "Pengu Belmont" here to reconquer all lands taken by the evil Chaos Penguin (previously seen in "Chaos Penguin", entry for the first Gosu Jam). Travel through differents castles and fight him to reclaim back your territory!

-- Controls --

The game works with both Keyboard and Controller.

ActionKeyboardGamepad (Xbox)
MoveArrow keysD Pad or Left Thumbstick
Attack / ValidateX or EnterA
Throw Ice Cube

Executable will run on Windows, but on Linux & Mac OS X you will need Ruby & Gosu installed on your device. 

-- Authors & Tools --

  • D3nX : Programming and art
  • HydroGene : Programming and musics

The tools used are : VS Code, Tiled, FL Studio, Bfxr and Paint.net

Hope you'll have fun! :)


PenguinVania RELEASE.zip 17 MB

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