A downloadable game for Windows

Welcome to Space Race ! A game where you not playing a race game but the race for the galaxy conquest !

Incarnate the Soviet Union or the USA and try to make the best score and go far as possible in the galaxy ! Of course, there will be some monster on your road to victory, but don't worry, just shoot them !

The source code : https://github.com/D3nX/space_race

And here, the Trello if you want to follow the developpement : https://trello.com/b/c7QqAWcU/spacerace

For Linux and Mac OS X dude : 

You need to install Ruby and Gosu, and download the source code to run the game. (Or you can find an another way to run the executable on your OS.)

Note : This game is in developpement and not finished yet, please consider it, thanks !

Install instructions

(For Window users)

- Download the last version of the game (right now, alpha 2)

- Extract zip file

- Run "game.exe"

- Enjoy !


SpaceRace_Alpha3.zip 16 MB
SpaceRace_Alpha2.zip 16 MB
SpaceRace.zip 15 MB

Development log